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What is Street Photography? This has been a hot topic being debated online. 

According to professionals, “...street photography” doesn’t mean you take pictures of the actual road. Instead, street photography is the term used to describe the kind of photography done while you are walking on public places and looking for unplanned/u photo opportunities."


My thoughts and outlook about street photography change as time passes. I started doing this since 2010.. but I am not saying that I have all the answers or full knowledge about street photography... I am still Learning what it is. 

Here are my thoughts about this genre in photography but first I will describe it in the negative approach--means "what it is not". 

          - It is not Glamour/Boudoir Photography. - Street Photography is not about human bodies.
          - It is not Wedding Photography - Street Photography is not about the bride and groom.
          - It is not Landscape/Cityscape Photography - Street Photography is not about nature themed.
          - It is not Studio Portrait Photography. - Street Photography is not staged/directed setup.
          - It is not Nature/Wildlife Photography - Street Photography is not about animal themed.
          - It is not Selfie/Groufie shot - Street Photography is not about our face but the others.
          - It is not Fashion Photography - Street Photography is not about Dresses.
          - It is not OOTD shots - Street Photography is not about what we are wearing.
          - It is not Architecture Photography - Street Photography is not about architecture. 

Street Photography consists of unplanned photographs that state the condition on a situation of life. I said "unplanned" because it is an unplanned shot because it is random and spontaneous but it does not mean that one must not visualize or conceptualize his/her shots. One must also bear in mind the composition rules upon taking the shots and break the rules of course. 

Here's my point. The photo below is not manipulated nor directed... I was inside a public utility vehicle when I took this photo going to my workplace. Before I took this shot here's what happened: the PUJ halted cause of the traffic light, on my side I noticed a semi-looking-stage in front of the building which looks like a stage, I noticed also that the "Stage" was well lighted; a man was walking towards my direction and am sure he'll pass the "stage" I visualized my photo already so waited for the man to pass in front of the "stage"... when he did, I clicked.


Same with this photo inside a mall. . . 

"You are not alone; Someone Sees you!" 

Wait, street photography inside a mall? Yes, it is still Street Photography. Street photography could be done in a public place or private-public place. Private-public places are places that owned by private group or person but anyone can come and go in and from that place such as malls, bus stations, private parks but open to the public. 

Street photography is straightforward, truthful, informal, impromptu, natural, direct, honest, or simply candid. 


How candid is candid? A street photograph could be with the consent or without. There are some street photographers who talked to his/her/their subject/s . Subject/s are fully knowledgeable that they will be photographed but the photographer DOES NOT DIRECT or MANIPULATE the subject's actions, reactions, and emotions at the moment. Still spontaneous and honest shot. 

"I sell magic" 

The photo above was shot with kuya's full knowledge and I was not directing him what to do. All natural, pure, and honest shot.

Street Photography always involves people in the photograph? Not really as long as the humanity is in it. Eugene Atget, one of the fathers of Street Photography capture buildings but still considered one of the founders of street photography. Why not architectural photography? 

A photograph of Eugene Atget in Paris without people

According to Colin Westerbeck, who wrote “Bystander: A history of street photography”: "He says that Atget focused mostly on the architecture of the city at street level where people lived, interacted, and congregated, that it classified him as a street photographer. Rather than an architecture photographer who simply focused on the architecture."

"Safety Check"

Street Photography or whatever genre of photography are we into, it does not matter. What is important is we capture memories, we preserved stories, and we immortalized emotions through photographs. Photographs that agitate emotions and makes us realized about humanity.

For me, Street Photography is about capturing random STORIES and MOMENTS in public or private-public places.

I am not a street photographer or even a good photographer, I just love taking candid photos that tells something.

Here are some of my Street Photography photos.

GEAR: Mobile Phone UP vision
YEAR: 2016

"Family Hero"

"Walk the talk and Talk the walk"




YEAR: 2010-2013


"Street Magic for sale"

"I am here"

"You are made to help"



"Rock and Roll to the World"


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