32ndc KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL: Street Shots

While taking photos of the Indak-Indak sa kadayawan 2017 I saw many unique stories on the streets. I was only in one location and saw how the way people react, the way they expressed their emotions, and the way a scene shows. It's fascinating. 

Here are some of the photos I took. 

"Outburst of Glee"

"Standing tall"

A perfect timing or just a lucky shot? Anyways, I was in front of the woman in a black shirt while framing a shot on the woman in red to capture her unique 3 fold mobile phone case but suddenly, upon pressing my shutter, a participant from the event bumped the guy in the head with their props. I also moved a bit while clicking the shutter button, so here's my shot...


"Love or Hate"


Here's one of my favorite story. I saw the lady and this particular "angle" at a distance, about 30-35 meters away from me. I got interested because of this scene, this angle, it's something that I don't usually see.  This picture doesn't have a full face but is full of mystique. 


Here are some few unique emotions I saw while others were having so much fun at the festival presentations.




"Somewhere I Belong"
"Unique direction"



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