Friday, September 8, 2017


"Go nuts with peanuts!"

I am not specifying what kind of camera that is best for street photography because every camera is best for recording moments. However, I would suggest a small one having a full manual control.

I once used a DSLR camera and no question regarding the quality of the images I took, crisp and sharp, but I find it too scary for people who don't know me taking pictures of them. Small cameras can be fashionably blended with the crowd. I said "fashionably" because no one can notice or doesn't really care because it looks like it's part of one's get up.

Smartphones nowadays are also great for Street Photography.


Of course, you're in the center of the street, the sun is inevitably in its power to shine so better have a good hydration and the cheapest and the best solution to that is water. You can buy a bottle of water at any convenient store.

"Which door opens the best?"
3. BAG

I usually use a back pack whenever I go out on the street but I have a small camera bag inside my backpack to protect my camera, it's the Lowepro Streamline 100. A backpack helps me blend in the crowd. A typical camera bag usually gives hint to others that you are a photographer and you'll lose end up taking photos with them posing and smiling at you.

Sling bags is another best choice in doing Street Photography.


I usually wear a shirt and pants so I can blend in with the crowd. In this genre of photography, being NOT noticed is the key to get the true story and feelings of an image.


Without these three, a street photographer will never become successful in this genre. Street Photography is not an easy thing. One may enjoy it on his/her first try but some will not even think of doing it twice. But if you have these three, am sure you can be on top of this genre.

According to Yousuf Karsh, "The heart and mind are the true lenses of the camera." So, we already have the best lenses in us, let's use it correctly and morally to give hope and inspiration to others by taking and making great photographs.



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