by - October 06, 2017

Previously I posted "My Quick Street Photography Tips" but there are still other things I need to add so here's my part two (2) for "My Quick Street Photography Tips"

10. Never be afraid to repeat your shots: Street photography is not always about spontaneity. Don’t be afraid to keep taking shots until you get the shot you really wanted.

Take this, for example, photos below are taken on different days because I wanted to take a photo of something unique, something with a melancholy mood but not too much. Whenever I pass on this street, I pause for a few minutes and wait then if there's something that can catch my attention, I click.

First day, first shot... 

. . . next, next day.

After a week. . . 

After another week. . . until I saw this man.

11. Freeze the Motion: Actions and movements are what you’ll see in the street. Everything happens in seconds. Not to miss this opportunity, ready your camera. Make sure your shutter speed is fast enough to freeze the moment. Set your ISO properly according to your light situation. 

12. Capture Motion: I think it's also fun and interesting to try with slower shutter speeds on the street. Capturing motion as blur can be fun and challenging as well.

13. Gears: In Street Photography, you have to blend with the crowd. So use light cameras with a rangefinder. Mirrorless Camera with wide angle lens is perfect for this genre. You can easily move and you can shoot silently. If people will see you taking pictures, they will not mind it compared to DSLR cameras. Some people get threatened when they see big cameras pointing at them. 

14. Wear something casual and Dark: This is to hide you in the middle of the crowd. Blend in with the people around you. Do not wear something catchy or else you can't take candid shots.

15. Try Shooting from the Hips: This might be tricky at first because you're gonna press your shutter without looking at your viewfinder. Setup your camera in full manual mode set your shutter speed to your choice: freeze the speed or with blurry motion and you have to trust your instinct before clicking your shutter.

16.  Try shooting with a new angle: Try shooting a little bit upward or with a tilt for a new feel of your images.

17.  Shoot without people: Street photography is known to be images of people's lives in the public but never literally cling to that... "people's lives in the public" phrase because it also means that it includes the places where it speaks of people.

18. Have Fun: Street Photography is fun even if it's tiring and intimidating sometimes. Just have fun, Don't pressure yourself if you can't take a good picture today. Tomorrow is another day. It's always your time. Just have fun. Capture moments. Share beautiful stories.


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