Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I lost my eyes to see beauty each day because of my busy schedule from work. During one day day-off, I use it to put my body to rest and sleep. Everything became ordinary and common. No stories to share, no moments to bite.... I became so hungry and hungrier each day like a vampire who thirst for blood to satisfy his blood-lust but I can't find any victim.

Then one early morning while going to my workplace, I suddenly saw something worth to bite. 

There's always an amazing sunrise every single day and guess what, they are absolutely free. All we have to do is See it, Feel it, and maybe (in my case) Capture it...

Sunrise is our constant reminder that in every darkness we may be experiencing today, there's always "Light" up ahead. Why?

Because The Son rises each day for us to carry our burdens.

That's all for now. Work mode time.

Thanks for being with me in my Everyday Sight-Seeing Adventure.


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